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“Ukrainian New Health Technologies Centers” Association (further mentioned Association) was established in 2007 with the purpose of forming and propagating the modern culture of healthy lifestyles, as well as joining the efforts of the state, the public, experts, business and the media to shape a healthy and responsible society.

Based on the recommendations of the WHO program “Health 2020: foundations of European policy and strategy for the XXI century”, and taking into account the concepts of the national program “Health 2020: Ukrainian Dimention”, the Association works to create the appropriate conditions in Ukraine aimed at reducing the risks of the outset of non-infectious diseases by promoting healthy eating habits, regular physical activity and preventive medical examinations. 

Over the years more than 300 companies, medical institutions and specialized organizations from all over Ukraine have joined the Association’s activities for cooperation. Each year, the projects promoted by the Association affect more than 2 million Ukrainians.

With the political changes of the recent years and with the country’s final choice of the European vector of development, in the circumstances of current economic challenges the main focus of the Association’s activities has become the consolidation of the efforts of the state, the public, experts, business and the media in the formation and promotion of the modern culture of healthy lifestyles, setting the conditions for sustainable development of healthy and responsible society.

The Association’s effective performance and success has attracted much interest from the governmental and specialized institutions, businesses and the public, which have led to the creation in 2014 of the National Project “Healthy Nation - Strong Ukraine”. The main objectives of the project are:

  • sociological research in the field of public health, learning about the status and the main factors influencing the development of the culture of a healthy way of life of the general population;
  • consolidation of the efforts of the government, the public, experts, business and the media in the shaping of a healthy and responsible society;
  • effective development and promotion of a healthy lifestyle, creating modern healthy habits and traditions (trends) through public projects, festivals, informational programs.
  • assisting the public and professional communities activities in reforming the healthcare system (the Association is a member of the Expert Committee of the inter-factional Parliamentary group “For spirituality, morality and health of Ukraine” at Ukrainian Parliament).

Together with the Association, co-founders of the project “Healthy Nation - Strong Ukraine” are the Ministry of Healthcare and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine. The readiness for fruitful cooperation is documented in the trilateral memorandum signed by the Association and the Ministries.

As of today, the Resolution to cooperate in this project has been signed by:

  • Alexander Kvitashvili, the Minister of Healthcare of Ukraine;
  • Igor Zhdanov, the Minister of Youth and Sports of Ukraine;
  • Olga Bohomolets, head of healthcare committee of Ukrainian Parliament;
  • Mykola Kuleba, representative of the President on the children’s rights;
  • Andrei Serdyuk, President of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine;
  • Pavlo Unguryan, MP, chairman of the inter-factional group “For spirituality, morality and health of Ukraine”;
  • Glib Spivakov, head of the commonwealth “Social Enterprises of Ukraine”;
  • Dorit Nitzan Kaluski, head of the WHO Bureau in Ukraine;
  • Svitlana Spivakova, head of the “FitCurves” company in Ukraine;
  • Representatives of UNICEF and others.

The project takes place in more than 50 cities of Ukraine with the participation of public and charity organizations, Ministries, medical experts and scientists of MOH of Ukraine, the media, and aims to influence the general population in the issues of healthy lifestyles.

This goal is achieved through:

  • professional production and distribution of educational materials with the following content: prevention of non-infectious diseases, habits of healthy eating, safe regular physical activity, necessity for regular medical examinations;
  • the involvement of sports institutions and companies providing sports services in the “free week” campaign for everyone willing to start regular physical activity;
  • the involvement of health facilities within the duration of the project to provide free or preferential med-exam conditions for women in order to form the habit for regular examinations;
  • conducting festivities in major cities with the participation of professionals, performers, children’s programs, etc.;
  • raising funds for women undergoing breast cancer treatment;
  • creating traditions of caring for one’s neighbor, charity and philanthropy.

We invite you to the cooperation with the “Ukrainian New Health Technologies Centers” Association. We make people, NGOs, experts, creative opportunities and ideas from all over Ukraine find each other. If you would like to promote the formation of a healthy society, where people are consciously responsible for their health, assist in the creation of healthy dietary traditions, physical exercises, hygiene and disease prevention, if you have ideas and good intentions – you should start with us!

news club«Healthy Journalist Club» first meeting

“Healthy Journalist Club” was opened in Kyiv. Its purpose is providing journalists with access to events and information, aimed at the popularization of a healthy way of life

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enent festHealth Festival: Healthy Nation — Strong Ukraine

The “Olympic” National Sports Complex hosted the fifth health festival, co-organized by the Ukrainian New Health Technologies Centers Association. The festival was solemnly opened by Alexander Kvitashvili and Igor Zhdanov.

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ts 002World Health Organization: healthy eating may prevent obesity

It is possible to:
1) keep up healthy weight;
2) reduce the general consumption of fats, and instead of saturated fats use unsaturated;
3) eat more fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grain products and nuts;
4) eat less sugar and salt.

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