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On the occasion of the World Day of the Elderly, a “Healthy Family” celebration took place in the “Victory” park in Kyiv.

The residents of Kyiv and the visitors had a chance not only to have fun, but also to benefit from the time spent in the park on that sunny day! Everyone willing could go through certain medical diagnostics, hear seminars of medical experts and get some doctors’ advice. Festive mood was maintained by well-known performers and numerous gifts from the partners of the event!

That day the organizers and participants of the celebration tried to draw attention to the necessity of healthy lifestyles, right nutrition, prevention of and giving up bad habits.

Vasyl Shevchenko, first deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine:

“These events which unite society, create a desire to live healthy, to take care and rehab after injuries, alter one’s outlook and make it positive, they are very necessary. They are part of the reconstruction of the new future of our country”.

According to WHO, for the first time in history, the senior citizens will soon be more in number than children. Mankind is aging, and we are not ready for this. As long as we do not change our outlook, our attitude and actions toward aging, we can not grow old while maintaining good health.

According to a survey taken by the “Ukrainian New Health Technologies Centers” Association, most of the Ukrainians trust the family concerning the formation of a healthy lifestyle. The habits we acquire in the family (going for sports, diet, regular medical examinations, disease prevention) largely determine the quality of life of our latter years.

Therefore, it is possible to maintain a level of health that will enable us in our old age to do the things we love, care for the loved ones and continue to explore the world!

To make that a reality, we today need to shape a culture of healthy lifestyles in our own life, in our family and our country.

Otto Stoika, chief doctor of the Kyiv City Health Center:

“All the useful information and the experts’ advice during such events have a healing effect, because the people are starting to think about their health, and therefore, try to change their lifestyle. Finding out about the means of disease prevention urge the people to take actions to preserve and strengthen their health”.

Equipment supplied by the “NUGA BEST” company works worldwide as an effective and convenient means of disease prevention and the improvement of health. Modern technologies and innovative materials used in the equipment allow it to proactively effect the most important areas of the body: the immune and the blood system, the spine and muscles. The equipment helps improve one’s health and facilitate the recovery process after and during illness.

The organizers and the partners of the event are wishing you good health and reminding you: an active lifestyle, a balanced diet, giving up bad habits and disease prevention actions will help you get the most out of your life at any age!

Be healthy! 

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65% of the world’s population live in countries where more people die of obesity and excess weight than of weight insufficiency. 44% of diabetes, 23% of coronary heart disease and up to 41% of certain oncological diseases result from excess weight and obesity.

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