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17 On September 17, 2015 there was a press-conference devoted to the establishment of the Healthy Woman’s Day in Ukraine and the beginning of an all-Ukrainian educational event called “Health Relay”.

On September 19, 2015 on Hreschatyk, the central street of Kyiv, there was a celebration of the Healthy Woman’s Day. That day anybody willing could take part in various fairs, contests, competitions, interactive learning, dancing master-classes, and also find out something new in the area of healthy eating and losing weight.

“The purpose of this event is to attract the attention of Ukrainians to such important issues as the necessity of a timely medical examination, forming a healthy way of living, lifting up the role of a woman in society and the importance of an all-out care for her,” – Vladislav Sila, the head of the “Ukrainian New Health Technologies Centers Association” said.

Oleg Shvets, chief freelance nutritionist of the Ukrainian Healthcare Ministry, head of the Ukrainian Nutritionists Association, medical sciences PhD said: “The health of a present-day individual, the quality of their life and longevity depend on a number of external factors. The population of Ukraine in the recent years has continued to reduce rapidly due to illnesses, resulting from unhealthy eating. But the situation could change for the better, should certain coordinated complex steps be taken at all levels of society, central state down to every family. This is the experience of the most healthy and successful countries of Europe and the world.”

Otto Stoika, head and chief doctor of Kyiv Municipal Healthcare Center, medical sciences PhD said: “Ukrainian women have always been the most conscious as far as their own health and that of their family. They are quick to visit a doctor, to examine the physical condition of their children and their husband. So, my hope is that women are the ones who will more and more prompt their loved ones to a healthy way of life, and such events will only facilitate it!”

“The “Health and Beauty Relay” event is part of an all-Ukrainian project “Healthy Nation — Strong Ukraine”, which will be taking place within the World Health Organization program called “Health 2020: the European policy for health and well-being”. These events will take place in more than 50 cities of Ukraine with participation of public and non-profit organizations, medical specialists and scientists of the Healthcare Ministry of Ukraine,” – Violetta Lazareva, director of “FitCurves” network, said.

“The establishment of the Healthy Woman’s Day in Ukraine is a good opportunity to attract public attention to health issues and remind of the importance of daily physical exercise, which will not only strengthen the body, but also the spirit. The last 5 years have proven that women who get regular workouts and go for sports have three times less chance of getting oncology,” – Valentin Palytsya, deputy head of LISOD mammology department said.


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Healthy Woman’s Day press-conference

news prconf dzj

On September 17, 2015 there was a press-conference devoted to the establishment of the Healthy Woman’s Day in Ukraine and the beginning of an all-Ukrainian informational event called “Health Relay”.

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ts 003WHO: It is possible to keep one’s body well through regular workouts

People need to have corresponding amounts of physical activity during the entire course of their life. Regular 30 min workouts help lower the risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as colon and mammary gland cancer.

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