The Association is a member of the Expert Council of the inter-factional Parliamentary group “For Spirituality, Morality and Health of Ukraine” at the Ukrainian Parliament. Based on the recommendations of the WHO program “Health 2020: the European policy for health and strategy for the XXI century”, and taking into account the concepts of the national program “Health 2020: Ukrainian Dimension”, the Association works to create the appropriate conditions in Ukraine to reduce the risks of the emergence of non-infectious diseases by promoting healthy eating habits, regular physical activity and medical examinations.

Healthy Woman’s Day press-conference

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On September 17, 2015 there was a press-conference devoted to the establishment of the Healthy Woman’s Day in Ukraine and the beginning of an all-Ukrainian informational event called “Health Relay”.

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enent stolWorld Health Day Roundtable

On the World Health Day a historic event took place - for the first time in the history of Ukraine one round table brought together officials, businessmen, public figures, athletes, doctors, nutritionists and the media to discuss the project “Healthy Nation - Strong Ukraine”.

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ts 002World Health Organization: healthy eating may prevent obesity

It is possible to:
1) keep up healthy weight;
2) reduce the general consumption of fats, and instead of saturated fats use unsaturated;
3) eat more fruit, vegetables, beans, whole grain products and nuts;
4) eat less sugar and salt.

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